Egypt and the Middle East

Discover a land of contrasts, dynamic and exciting, yet with a sense of timeless serenity and tradition. The Middle East and Egypt offers a rich cultural tapestry, new experiences and adventures.

Step into the land of the Pharaohs and discover the exotic charms of Egypt, a land that is a treasure trove for those who love archeology and history.  The Egyptian landscape is quite remarkable and has an elusive splendour.  The sights are mesmerizing as is the chance to visit one of the world's oldest and most vibrant nations. 

Why not experience breathtaking desert landscapes from on board a luxurious river cruise.  journey down the Nile between Aswan and Luxor and visit the Valley of the Kings.  Just southwest of the ciy of Cairo, in the Giza desert, you will find the Seventh Wonder of the Ancient World, Khufu's Great Pyramid plus the iconic Sphinx.  Climb to the 12th century citadel for a view of the city.  Visit the Egyptian Museum and the almost in-tact tomb of Tutankhamun, the most significant archeological discovery in history. 

With ancient wonders and endless golden sands, vibrant cities and local souqs filled with atmosphere. Egypt is the ultimate travel destination.

Why not go beyond Egypt to discover the many treasures of this captivating region, including the magnificent Lost City of Petra, the breathtaking deserts, fjords and wadis of Oman, the magical landscapes of Cappadocia and the sacred sights of Jerusalem.


Statue of pharaoh in luxor temple, luxor, egypt.